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The Great Gatsby
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The Great Gatsby
Jan 07, 2014 5:06 AM EST
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I’m Nick Carraway from the Middle West. I were learning at Yale in Connecticut and was graduated in 1915, then I had to go to the Great War. After my returning to the motherland, I determined to go East and study the finance. My father was helping me with money at first. I had plans to stay there for a long time, to work and became success, but indeed I left the city after the summer. I arrived to New York in spring of 1922. It already very warm, hot and uncomfortable. I found a tiny cheap house not far from New York, near the country of West Egg. My house was on Long Island, near the sea. It stood between two enormous houses that had been built for millionaires. One of the nearest houses of my one had a swimming pool and was surrounded by fancy gardens. It was the house of mysterious Gatsby. And this is story about him, but for that time, of course, I knew nothing about him yet.

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